Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S5

My brother recently made a decision to move over to the modern world and buy a smartphone. He asked me whether he should purchase a Samsung S4 or Samsung S5 and why. I personally don’t use Samsung. I’m an iPhone guy. So, I Googled up the specs on both versions and, to my shock, they’re very similar. When I told him this, he said “but everybody is buying the S5!”. I finally convinced him to buy the S4 and I’ll tell you why.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S5
S4 and S5 side-by-side

Here are the “differences” in the specs between the two models:

  • Dimensions (mm): the S4 is 136.6×69.8×7.9 and S5 is 142×72.5×8.1. The difference is that the S5 is 5.4mm taller, 2.7mm wider, and 0.2mm fatter than the S4.
  • Weight (g): 130 vs 145, so the S5 is a bit heavier.
  • Battery capacity (mAh): 2600 vs 2800, okay the battery lasts a few seconds longer.
  • Screen size (inches): 5 vs 5.1, a 0.1 inch bigger screen. WOW!
  • Colours: Black Mist and White Frost vs White and Black. I think the Mist and Frost looks cooler.
  • Resolution: The same for both.
  • Pixels per inch (PPI): 441 vs 432. Isn’t 441 PPI better?
  • The Processor: 1.6GHz vs 1.9GHz. How much of a difference is that in use?
  • RAM and internal storages: The same for both models.
  • Rear Camera: 13-megapixels vs 16 mp. Can you tell the difference?
  • Front Camera: 2 vs 2.1-megapixels. Is this really a “difference”?
  • Operating System: Android 4.2 vs 4.4.2. They’re both Android 4!

I simply told him to review the specs and then decide if the very miniscule differences between the two models were worth the couple of hundred dollars in price. What do you think? Are these differences worth paying $200-$300 more for the Samsung Galaxy S5? It may be better to ask if whether you’re buying it for the “trend” or “style”, or because you really need the improvements in the newer model.

I hope this helps some of you in making a wiser decision for the sake of your pockets. If it does, please don’t forget to like, comment and share it with your friends on your favorite social media platforms.



Samsung Foldable Screen Smart Phone

Samsung Foldable Screen Smartphone

When  I was in my college, let alone smartphones even colored cell phones were just coming in. The technology change in the past decade has been really huge, and to add to that now Samsung has announced the launch of the crazy foldable screen technology in early 2016. The blog that Samsung uses to announce new arrivals has put the launch to some date in January.

It will be like a wallet which can be folded and made small enough to fit in the pocket. With screen sizes increasing the smart phone was certainly too big for the pocket, so this technology will be welcomed. The forerunner to this phone was the Samsung Galaxy edge with edges also responding to touch. So if you have experienced edge it will be an easier transition. The current testing as per the blog is going on for a 3 GB RAM with a microSD slot. It is being called the Project Valley by Samsung.

But there are many things to overcome. Yes we know that foldable screen is a reality, but what about batteries and processors. For a phone to be completely foldable the batteries and processors will next be foldable? Well I presume they will stay rigid for now. Anyways once the phone launches I am going out-of-the-way and buying it, if only to test it!

Will tablets replace laptops?

Tablets or laptop

I was forced to think this way since the technology is changing very fast, and even Apple Inc. is coming with touch screen computers. The iPad has already taken browsing the web to a new level and with software being specially made for touch screen, it seems that tablet will replace the laptops and computers with keyboards.

Even Microsoft has no plans to revert back to non-touch screen based software. Windows 8 was the first step in the direction of touch screen becoming the technology of the future. The feature that makes tablets tick is portability. largest tablets are lighter than the smallest notebook laptops.

Another major factor is the long battery life and the option of making calls. The tablets are devices that have multiple uses and with calling SIMS they can connect even without wi-fi. tablets can be used as cameras and also to shoot awesome videos. You cannot do that with a laptop right. With technology supporting the tablet it seems they will be ultimate winners.

But one thing is in favor of the laptop. Even now with all new applications it is not easy to type a document on a tablets. Bulk typing work requires keyboard. The solution is a laptop with detachable keyboard. Well folks brace yourself for the revolutions ahead.

Smartphone Vs Tablet

Smart phone or Tablet

The screens of smart phones are getting bigger, and the weight of Tablets is going down. Are we headed towards a merger? Well I don’t think so. Both gadgets have some things in common but are quite different in use. While buying one or the other you should keep in mind the following points:

  • The usage factor – The most important factor is how the device is going to be used. If the device is going to be used for texting and making calls primarily then a smart phone is the choice. On the other hand if you want to use it for watching videos or playing games a Tablet is indeed a better choice. A smart phone is better for business usage of calling and a tablet for making presentation.
  • The carriage – How you generally carry your device is very important factor too. If you are comfortable with the device in your pocket then Tablets do not fit your description, rather a smart phone will do. If you are using a Bluetooth device for calling and keep your device in the bag then Tablet might jump into consideration.
  • Specifications – Tablets are a new entrant and also have better specifications. With greater size comes more scope for space and RAM. The tablets will cost less for the same specifications. Micro engineering is still expensive. The large screen makes the most difference. In a recent study it was found that customers viewing a site on a tablet are 2.5 times more likely to buy than smart phone viewing.

However the choice will differ from person to person and there is a separate market for both. I believe, Phablets the hybrid device will not stay for long in the market.

Gionee ELife S7 : A good Budget Phone

Gionee E Life S7

Gionee jumped into prominence with the USP of the slimmest phone in the world. The newest addition to the slim phone series is the ELife S7 which is just 5.5 mm thick and is trying to enter the premium phone market with improvements in design.

The new model uses a magnesium – aluminium alloy which gives strength to the structure. Earlier the models had an issue of the body breaking.The phone seems to be quite sturdy. Front and back are protected with Gorilla glass. The phone is also quite light in weight, weighing around 125 gm. The 1080 pixels display which is 5.2 inches is quite good. The display looks the best with black theme.

The processor is octa chip which makes the phone real fast.2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage is what you have in this phone. There is no option of external SD card. This might prove to push back the phone against its competitors. The rear camera is well fitted in the frame and does not protrude out as in case of most models. The front camera is also good. The only issue with the camera is that it is a bit tacky in night-light.

The Amigo UI based on Android Lollipop has all the features. However it still has issues and needs fixing. The problem with the software is that it hangs while running multiple apps.

The clincher for this phone is the price. Priced at a meager $200, it tops the price war with the features. So if you want a phone that has great looks and features but you are short of cash Gionee ELife S7 is not a bad option.

Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are creating a ripple in the market. Are they? Here is a quick look at the features and how they fare in the smart phone arena.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Launching both the phones at the same time seems to put the move a back a bit. Samsung would have been better off launching only S6 edge as it is better as a phone with the edge.

Design of S6 and S6 edge

Both the models are good in ergonomics and design. The lightweight and smooth metal finish is the first in Samsung phones. S6 is better to hold and S6 edge has a more classy look. Also add to it the 5.1 inch screen and it will give competition to iPhone 6, but how much time will tell.


Display is the clincher for the phones. With QHD packeted in a relatively small size it tries to challenge the display of iPhone 6.The S6 edge loses here as there is no real need for the curve if not just good looks. Overall the display packs a punch.

So where does the curve edge comes handy it is of course the Touchwiz.


The phone has taken a cue from HTC responding gestures like the phone vibrating when in pocket and going silent when flipped over.The specific color glow on the edges for specific calls is a new feature. But is this a clincher for Samsung the users will express when it comes in the market.

Overall I think it is a bit overpriced for a phone which does not bring anything extraordinary to the smart phone market. I would give it a try though.


Windows 10 Phone : The Enigma

The new buzz on the smart phone scene is the Windows 10 Lumia by Microsoft. Microsoft has been trying very hard to break the market, and the acquisition of Nokia was the first step in that direction.

Microsoft is heightening the curiosity by not letting out the date of launch of the Window 10 phone. The market share of Microsoft has nothing to write home about. Hence the company is scaling up with new features like voice typing, new built-in applications and Skype integration with messaging.

So, what is new in the Window 10 phone? We will try to answer some questions.

Windows 10 Smart Phone
Will the new Windows 10 Smart Phone set the market on fire????
  • The outlook app – emails are going to have a new feel altogether on the windows 10 phone with the outlook application. Word will be built in to allow better composing feel. Inserting tables and rich text formatting is going to change the way you compose emails on the go.
  • Gesture feature – The new gesture feature will enable you to swipe and delete mails. Flagging will also be possible with just a swipe.You can flag mails from Cashinahurry by just a simple swipe gesture.
  • Improved Calendar – Full Gmail support and simpler configuration of IMAP, POP, and Exchange etc. will make the life easier for the regular smart phone user.
  • Universal Photo app – The new universal photo app will make the photos stored on cloud drive as well as taken by the camera available upfront. The app will be available on all windows 10 phone which includes HTC and Samsung phones.
  • Skype and SMS integration – Skype will be integrated with the old SMS and switching between the two will be very easy.
  • Keyboard and the web browser – Microsoft has also worked on the keyboard which is much easier to navigate and the joystick is back. Internet explorer has given way to the new Spartan browser which is more touch friendly.

These are only some features of the yet to be launched Windows phone. So be ready for surprises, Microsoft is known for springing both good and bad surprises!!!!

5 favourite Phones of Australia

New Year is the right time to upgrade your smart phone. Best deals and new launches really spice up the market, and you are spoilt for choices.

Today we will try to size up 5 most popular phones. We will try to work out one major advantage and one major Disadvantage.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

All favorite lists have to start with iPhone. It is the pioneer of smart phones. iPhone 6 has tried to get rid of the smaller screen, which was pulling it backwards in the market. A 4.7 inch screen really gives a great user experience.

The only thing Apple has been unable to do is to scale down the prices. When compared it is expensive.

HTC One M8

htc one m8

HTC One M8 was launched in early 2014. However it is still going strong on sales. The best feature is the build and the classic look. It is indeed the best looking phone in this list.

Display is what lets down the total experience. It is good but HTC needs to work on this feature to heat up the market.

Moto X

Moto X

It is one of the best package deals available in the market. At its price it is the best. A 5.2 inch screen and no hassles hardware make it really good experience for the user.

Motorola could introduce a SD memory slot. The phone is really missing extra memory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung is the market leader, and this phone shows why. The largest screen 5.7 inch which is brighter than all alternatives makes it the real hero.

It is thinner but still heavy and not easy to carry. Also the application Gallery is a bit slow.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony came to the market with a total water proof phone with Z series. The new phone in the series measures all its expectations. The amazing sound quality and compatibility with Play Station really makes it tick.

The only thing lacking is the battery. The battery life is one day only while others are giving 2 days.