Smartphone Vs Tablet

Smart phone or Tablet

The screens of smart phones are getting bigger, and the weight of Tablets is going down. Are we headed towards a merger? Well I don’t think so. Both gadgets have some things in common but are quite different in use. While buying one or the other you should keep in mind the following points:

  • The usage factor – The most important factor is how the device is going to be used. If the device is going to be used for texting and making calls primarily then a smart phone is the choice. On the other hand if you want to use it for watching videos or playing games a Tablet is indeed a better choice. A smart phone is better for business usage of calling and a tablet for making presentation.
  • The carriage – How you generally carry your device is very important factor too. If you are comfortable with the device in your pocket then Tablets do not fit your description, rather a smart phone will do. If you are using a Bluetooth device for calling and keep your device in the bag then Tablet might jump into consideration.
  • Specifications – Tablets are a new entrant and also have better specifications. With greater size comes more scope for space and RAM. The tablets will cost less for the same specifications. Micro engineering is still expensive. The large screen makes the most difference. In a recent study it was found that customers viewing a site on a tablet are 2.5 times more likely to buy than smart phone viewing.

However the choice will differ from person to person and there is a separate market for both. I believe, Phablets the hybrid device will not stay for long in the market.


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