Will tablets replace laptops?

Tablets or laptop

I was forced to think this way since the technology is changing very fast, and even Apple Inc. is coming with touch screen computers. The iPad has already taken browsing the web to a new level and with software being specially made for touch screen, it seems that tablet will replace the laptops and computers with keyboards.

Even Microsoft has no plans to revert back to non-touch screen based software. Windows 8 was the first step in the direction of touch screen becoming the technology of the future. The feature that makes tablets tick is portability. largest tablets are lighter than the smallest notebook laptops.

Another major factor is the long battery life and the option of making calls. The tablets are devices that have multiple uses and with calling SIMS they can connect even without wi-fi. tablets can be used as cameras and also to shoot awesome videos. You cannot do that with a laptop right. With technology supporting the tablet it seems they will be ultimate winners.

But one thing is in favor of the laptop. Even now with all new applications it is not easy to type a document on a tablets. Bulk typing work requires keyboard. The solution is a laptop with detachable keyboard. Well folks brace yourself for the revolutions ahead.


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