About Me

I’m not really a TechGeek, per say. I’m just your average mojo with a need for certain technologies out there. For example, before I bought my iPhone, I had to check every email and message on my laptop. And how do you do that on-the-go, right? So, for the average professional, the smartphone is a lifesaving device.

But, I must say that I’m not too into the whole “style” and “trend” thing. I’m more into comfort and hate carrying around a phone the size of a mini laptop. It doesn’t fit into all of my pockets. And the bad news for me is that even the iPhones are getting larger by the year. I guess I need to adjust to that with bigger pockets, eh?

I’m not into a hundred apps on my home screen. I use the most essential apps and messengers, and that’s it. I honestly know people that use ten different instant messengers with the very same capabilities. What’s the point, especially if all of your friends and contacts also have one or two out of the ten?

I guess I consider myself the common-sense geek.

I hope you enjoy my posts and they serve you well. If so, please don’t forget to like, comment and share them so that your other friends in the same position can benefit as well.



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