Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S5

My brother recently made a decision to move over to the modern world and buy a smartphone. He asked me whether he should purchase a Samsung S4 or Samsung S5 and why. I personally don’t use Samsung. I’m an iPhone guy. So, I Googled up the specs on both versions and, to my shock, they’re very similar. When I told him this, he said “but everybody is buying the S5!”. I finally convinced him to buy the S4 and I’ll tell you why.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S5
S4 and S5 side-by-side

Here are the “differences” in the specs between the two models:

  • Dimensions (mm): the S4 is 136.6×69.8×7.9 and S5 is 142×72.5×8.1. The difference is that the S5 is 5.4mm taller, 2.7mm wider, and 0.2mm fatter than the S4.
  • Weight (g): 130 vs 145, so the S5 is a bit heavier.
  • Battery capacity (mAh): 2600 vs 2800, okay the battery lasts a few seconds longer.
  • Screen size (inches): 5 vs 5.1, a 0.1 inch bigger screen. WOW!
  • Colours: Black Mist and White Frost vs White and Black. I think the Mist and Frost looks cooler.
  • Resolution: The same for both.
  • Pixels per inch (PPI): 441 vs 432. Isn’t 441 PPI better?
  • The Processor: 1.6GHz vs 1.9GHz. How much of a difference is that in use?
  • RAM and internal storages: The same for both models.
  • Rear Camera: 13-megapixels vs 16 mp. Can you tell the difference?
  • Front Camera: 2 vs 2.1-megapixels. Is this really a “difference”?
  • Operating System: Android 4.2 vs 4.4.2. They’re both Android 4!

I simply told him to review the specs and then decide if the very miniscule differences between the two models were worth the couple of hundred dollars in price. What do you think? Are these differences worth paying $200-$300 more for the Samsung Galaxy S5? It may be better to ask if whether you’re buying it for the “trend” or “style”, or because you really need the improvements in the newer model.

I hope this helps some of you in making a wiser decision for the sake of your pockets. If it does, please don’t forget to like, comment and share it with your friends on your favorite social media platforms.