iPhone 4S vs 5

Someone just recently told me that I’m “old-fashioned” because I still carry around an iPhone 4S, and that I should move ahead with life or get left behind. I thought to myself, “maybe she’s right”. So, I went to the store to buy the newer model of the same phone in my hand……….. And I walked out of the store with my same ol’ buddy in my hand!

iPhone 4S vs 5 Comparison
Size Comparison

Here’s why:

  • My iPhone 4S is updated to iOS 7, so the home screen and all that come with an iPhone 5 is already happening on my “old” iPhone 4S.
  • There has to be some MAJOR improvements in the new model that would compel me to transfer all these 2,500+ contacts over to the new phone (if there is a trick to doing this in a single day, please do share it in a comment to this post).
  • I have always used screen guards and phone covers, so my iPhone 4S is still in mint condition.
  • I have come to realize that the iPhone 3 is more durable than my iPhone 4, and that my iPhone 4 is MUCH more durable than the new iPhone 5. Here’s why: a) my sister’s kids play with her iPhone 3 day and night and have dropped it a hundred times without a single damage done to it; b) I have dropped my iPhone 4 quite a few times (it even jumped out of the car once!), and still nothing happened; and c) My friend Danny’s iPhone 5 jumped out of his pocket onto a mushy carpet and its loudspeakers stopped working! He’d be okay if there was a safe way to repair it without further damage, with which iPhones are popular.

But, I’m not trying to convince you to not move on with the world around you here. I’m trying to convince you to move forward using common sense and not simply because your “friends are doing it” or because it’s in “style” or the “new thing to do”.

People wear shorts and T-shirt in the winter and no one laughs at them, so why laugh at my iPhone 4???

I hope this post has helped you make a decision on whether to move on to the newer iPhone 5 model. If you know of anyone else in my position, please do share this post on your Facebook and other social media outlets so that they can also benefit from my post. And don’t forget to like!