Samsung Foldable Screen Smart Phone

Samsung Foldable Screen Smartphone

When  I was in my college, let alone smartphones even colored cell phones were just coming in. The technology change in the past decade has been really huge, and to add to that now Samsung has announced the launch of the crazy foldable screen technology in early 2016. The blog that Samsung uses to announce new arrivals has put the launch to some date in January.

It will be like a wallet which can be folded and made small enough to fit in the pocket. With screen sizes increasing the smart phone was certainly too big for the pocket, so this technology will be welcomed. The forerunner to this phone was the Samsung Galaxy edge with edges also responding to touch. So if you have experienced edge it will be an easier transition. The current testing as per the blog is going on for a 3 GB RAM with a microSD slot. It is being called the Project Valley by Samsung.

But there are many things to overcome. Yes we know that foldable screen is a reality, but what about batteries and processors. For a phone to be completely foldable the batteries and processors will next be foldable? Well I presume they will stay rigid for now. Anyways once the phone launches I am going out-of-the-way and buying it, if only to test it!


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