Streaming Music Apps

I think as we approach the holidays, it’s a good time to break way from the phone comparisons for a bit and examine the best streaming music apps out there.

It’s no secret if you follow  my blog, I am  sold on the Iphone versus Android operating systems.  But whereas screen size, picture count, camera technology, processor, and so much more are usually what we reference, in terms of streaming music it’s just a decent external speaker and a good set of headphone that will allow your experience to be incredible.

The top five list of streaming applications usually involves Spotify, Pandora, Itunes Radio, Google Play, and Songza.  Depending on whether you are looking for free, or a subscription model you can find a great algorithm guiding you to a station, playlist, or set of music built around your own preferences.  The technology is really amazing when it comes to the customizing aspect of music.

Best Over the Ear Headphones, sony

The second thing to make your music experience is a good set of external speakers or headphones. Personally, I prefer headphones for a superior experience.

The Sony MDR 7506 has been around 20 years, but still today provides one of the top rated over the ear headphones and it comes at a great value!