Windows 10 Phone : The Enigma

The new buzz on the smart phone scene is the Windows 10 Lumia by Microsoft. Microsoft has been trying very hard to break the market, and the acquisition of Nokia was the first step in that direction.

Microsoft is heightening the curiosity by not letting out the date of launch of the Window 10 phone. The market share of Microsoft has nothing to write home about. Hence the company is scaling up with new features like voice typing, new built-in applications and Skype integration with messaging.

So, what is new in the Window 10 phone? We will try to answer some questions.

Windows 10 Smart Phone
Will the new Windows 10 Smart Phone set the market on fire????
  • The outlook app – emails are going to have a new feel altogether on the windows 10 phone with the outlook application. Word will be built in to allow better composing feel. Inserting tables and rich text formatting is going to change the way you compose emails on the go.
  • Gesture feature – The new gesture feature will enable you to swipe and delete mails. Flagging will also be possible with just a swipe.You can flag mails from Cashinahurry by just a simple swipe gesture.
  • Improved Calendar – Full Gmail support and simpler configuration of IMAP, POP, and Exchange etc. will make the life easier for the regular smart phone user.
  • Universal Photo app – The new universal photo app will make the photos stored on cloud drive as well as taken by the camera available upfront. The app will be available on all windows 10 phone which includes HTC and Samsung phones.
  • Skype and SMS integration – Skype will be integrated with the old SMS and switching between the two will be very easy.
  • Keyboard and the web browser – Microsoft has also worked on the keyboard which is much easier to navigate and the joystick is back. Internet explorer has given way to the new Spartan browser which is more touch friendly.

These are only some features of the yet to be launched Windows phone. So be ready for surprises, Microsoft is known for springing both good and bad surprises!!!!